Saturday, July 13, 2013

Touring and a day off from practice

Today was Shabbat. Most of the team went to visit the tank museum at Latrun as well as some caves near Tel Aviv.

Latrun is the area where a British fortress used to stand that Israeli soldiers attempted five times to conquer in the hopes of freeing the blockage by Jordanian soldiers of the road to Jerusalem in 1948. 

A number remained back in the hotel for Shabbat and spent the day using the pool and courts at the hotel. 

Upon the return of the tour, we had a big BBQ and party at the hotel with live music and dancing. A great spectacle as 900 of the American athletes and coaches got together for a fun and social evening.

 Tomorrow we go back to early morning practice followed by a tour through the water tunnels as well as a trip to Jerusalem. 

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