Monday, July 15, 2013

Best day yet

We knew that this trip was about so much more than just competing, today was one of those days in which we saw this first hand.  

As a basketball coach, I am constantly impressed by the attention span and focus of our group. We have such a strong sense of togetherness, on and off the court, which will hopefully translate to success on the court.  After our early practice, We left the hotel after lunch at 1230pm and headed to the holy city of Jerusalem.

We first headed to the water tunnels of Ir David (City of David), where water was funneled into the Old City of Jerusalem. We walked through the dry part of the tunnels (the parts still carrying water were a bit too short for many of our players). 

Following the tunnels we headed into the Old City of Jerusalem and the Western Wall. The Kotel, as it is called in Hebrew, is the remaining western retaining wall that surrounded the second temple which was rebuilt by Herrod after being partially destroyed. The area is a site holy to Jews, Muslims and Christians and is one of the most introspective and spiritual places to visit. That was clear on the faces of the players after we left (thanks @elliotsteinmetz). 

It was a tremendous experience to see them have this opportunity to literally touch their past. 

In hoops,
- jamie

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