Friday, August 2, 2013

Final post

Back in my house after 27 days away. 27 days that were inspiring, emotional, and a blast. On our last 2 days of the trip, we spent time at a JCC in Lod helping to restore the center by painting, cleaning, building a greenhouse and meeting the staff. 

The tremendous spirit of these 12 young men was on display to the very end of the trip. From Lod, we traveled back to Jerusalem for the closing ceremonies.  After partying with 9,000 athletes, we returned to Shefayim for one last night of pizza and camaraderie. 

A big thanks to Maccabi USA for the support and direction they gave us on this trip. Also, the parents and chairs of this team were terrific.   Hope this blog was able to share a bit of what we experienced. Please spread the word. 


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